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A fun web design project of mine from 2019. Decent primer for stuff I'd recommend, though a little outdated; the DOOM community's released TONS of awesome stuff since, and I haven't gotten around to updating the thing.

Still, feel free to check it out at this link.

Touhou Doom, my personal biggest project, is a three-year mostly-solo (many others chipped in small parts) Doom mod that brings together elements of both Touhou and Doom. (The name somewhat speaks for itself.)


  • Lots and lots and lots of danmaku, of course.
  • Bosses with a fully functioning Touhou-esque spellcard system
  • Difficulty settings that actually affect what patterns enemies use
  • 34 Maps (technically 39, but essentially 34)
  • ...and lots more to discover.

Download is available on the ZDoom Forum thread, located at this link.


Title Pic. This lovely art is by ZikShadow, one of many contributors to Touhou Doom.

I play a lot of Stepmania on Dance Pad. I'm pretty good at it. I'm also a hopeless VTuber addict. These two things were destined to collide, and so this happened: a collaborative effort organized primarily by myself between nine different charters.


  • The charting effort of Elliott Ambers (A VTuber himself!), MEGAtive, nv, Create!, Einherjar, Kekkle, Gpop, Dekw and Wrsw (that's me!)
  • 71 Arcade length charts with five difficulties charted each and 17 challenge-only full songs
  • A difficulty span rated on the ITG scale with difficulty blocks from 1-14
  • And, optionally, ten nonstop courses for those to test their endurance with.

Download is available in the description of the release trailer.

I also made four trailers for the pack prior to its release in 2021: Trailer 1 Trailer 2 Trailer 3 Boss Song Trailer


Banner for the pack.

Solo dance pad pack, this one specifically focused on Stamina charts (charts with long segments of continuous 16th notes) at 125-138 BPM, and specifically around Kanzaki Hiro's trance music, which I'm a huge fan of. Charted entirely by myself.


  • 10 amazing tracks by Kanzaki Hiro, with four difficulties each (full difficulty span 9-12)
  • 2 Extended Versions, with difficulty spans from 10-13
  • A 30 minute long megamix, rated 15.

Download is available in the description of the release trailer.


Banner for the pack.

I'm learning music production because I think underneath everything else it's the one thing I'm actually very behind-the-scenes most passionate about. In addition to that, I also wanted to make a pack for people who aren't into ITG tech charting to get a brief introduction to what it's all about. To help the process along, I'm making another Dance Pad Pack. The theme this time is that each track is composed by myself for the purpose of being charted.

The final release of Wrsw's Whirlwind is a 5 song (plus one extra) series, rated from 9-13 (plus a 14), which is meant to serve as a primer to the current ITG tech meta and what to expect from it. Every song was composed by myself, wrsw, and was also charted by me. It took a little while.

The pack can be downloaded in the link in the description of any of the song videos.

The five tracks can be found here on my SoundCloud.

The five tracks are, along with their respective skillsets:

  1. Soft Ignition (Warm Up)
  2. Vicious Lady (Full Speed)
  3. Composite Space (Technical Stamina)
  4. Galactic Thinker (Advanced Technique)
  5. Hard Ignition (Burn Down!)

Banner for the pack.

Another pair of Doom mods.

Dehacked Attack: A monster randomizer centered around recreating DEHACKED (an early primitive object editing tool for the doom engine) monsters from various wads slammed together into this mess of a random spawner mod. You can use the options in the menu (which is what the screenshot is because I have zero artistic ability whatsoever) to control which WADs' monster sets are enabled or disabled, so if anything is too frustrating you don't have to play with it, as some of you may not like those thrice-damned plasma marines from Scythe 2.

Dehacked Defense: A spin-off of the above, this time it's weapons rather than monsters. Uses a class-based system to determine your starting gear, but the weapon pickups themselves are either class-based or randomized, depending on what you feel like. You can use the options in the menu to control which WADs' weapon sets are enabled or disabled, much like in Dehacked Attack, as well as including what gear you start with each map and also whether or not the pickup system is class based or randomizer based.

Monsters and Weapons aren't mine in gameplay concept, but all of the recreation and compatibility code is.

Download is available in the ZDoom forum thread or on the project's official GitHub.

Yup, we're doing it again, because the VTubers I follow keep on releasing even more music, and I wanted to chart some of it, and other charters also want in on it, and now we have a ridiculous collab going yet again, because somehow it keeps happening.

It's an ongoing project with no projected release date, and so far there are TEN charters involved in the project: Myself (wrsw), Kekkle, Flood_, Ferrous, DDDAAA, dekw, Gpop, Create!, TakuMii, and KyokiShinsa with one or two more who are planning to join the pack at some point or another.

First Trailer

Second Trailer

The work-in-progress songlist for the pack can be found on this spreadsheet.

Small things or large things I had a small part in making:

Solo project.

I made a thing as a Christmas Present for a few friends, but they liked it enough that I've decided to release it publicly.

X-DEN was added to beatmania IIDX 26 Rootage in celebration of the 20th anniversary of beatmania IIDX's release. X-DEN samples three songs that have been in the Kaiden course at some point.

For the DDR Edition, I mixed in three classics from DDR for the "Kaiden" section, which would be CHAOS -Terror Tech Mix-, POSSESSION, and Over The "Period", which are very arbitrary choices, except for the fact that said friends score-battled against each other on those songs, which is why those are picked despite not being Kaiden songs. Look, nobody would want the actual "MAX 360 to Over The "Period" to Valkyrie Dimension" transition anyway, so it doesn't matter.

I then, having a bit of fun for myself, mixed in a bunch of other DDR samples and then added some BPM gimmicks because I am a cruel charter when it comes to deliberately hard songs, and then did some background fades to indicate the different songs.

Download is available at the youtube release video.


Song jacket. Made from original X-DEN art and DDR character renders.

HaruFE is a role-playing game played through a discord bot by Harudoku, a friend of mine (well, more accurately a friend of my brother's, but still someone I know fairly well).

While my brother was the lead composer for the game, I also contributed a fair number of tracks for it. In particular, I composed several character themes. The themes I did are all linked below, though most of it is my early work so the mixing isn't as good as my later works.

Two massive collaborations organized by TerminusEst13 for which I had a part in.

Before I made Touhou Doom, I was pretty terrible at making maps for DOOM, as were a bunch of friends. One of those friends, TerminusEst13, organized the Doom Upstart Mapping Projects (DUMP for short because we're very good at this) which anyone could enter to sharpen their mapping skills.

I participated in both DUMP 2 and DUMP 3; I made MAP38 in the former and MAP63 in the latter.

DUMP 2 is available at this ZDoom forum thread, and DUMP 3 is available at this ZDoom forum thread.


Map preview for DUMP 2 MAP38.


Map preview for DUMP 3 MAP63.

Large stepmania dance pad collaborations hosted by Gpop and CondorTalon.

I submitted a fair number of files to both of these packs (I was a major Touhou fan, to say the least), and they're much of the reason I got into the scene today; so I feel this shout-out is very much owed.

東方桜夢感 ~ Sakura Dream Sensation, a.k.a. Touhou Pad Pack 7 (TPP7) is a pack centered around Touhou-themed songs, and the 7th one in the Gpop's main series, while Vocaloid: Project Pad Pack 5 (VPPP5) is themed around Vocaloids (Hatsune Miku and a few others) and is the 5th pack in that series.

Of particular note in TPP7 is that I arranged two of the tracks in the pack myself: Impossible Quad Star and Superluminal Goddess Matara, both of which are on my SoundCloud (link at the top).

東方桜夢感 ~ Sakura Dream Sensation is available on Gpop's release trailer, and Vocaloid: Project Pad Pack 5 is available on its release trailer.


Pack banner for TPP7.


Pack banner for VPPP5.

dimocracy was a simfile tournament organized by ITG community member dimo that had a minimum $50 prize purse every other week. According to dimo himself, dimocracy 2020 started as a way to cope with COVID-19 with the dance game community around March 2020.

dimocracy 2021 was the sequel, with 52 files being voted into the final pack by the community, including one that I not only charted, but actually composed the track for.

The track I made for the pack is Energetic Engine ~ Excited Existence, and you can find it on my soundcloud here and a preview of the Expert and Hard charts I made for dimocracy 2021 can be found on my YouTube channel here.

In addition to that, after the contest ended I made some a 37 minute long tech mix called Election Season, which was split into Side A (titled 'Early Voting') and Side B (titled 'Election Day'), as well as the Full Mix in all its glory (titled 'Full Campaign'). I had a lot of fun making the mix for dimocracy 2021, and I hope, if nothing else, my use of SM5's .lrc file becomes something that future tech mixes incorporate. The mix and the preview for the mix chart can be found on my YouTube channel here.


Banner for Energetic Engine ~ Excited Existence.

Made by Hunter, who's good at art.


Banner for Election Season (Full Campaign).

Also made by Hunter, because he's super cool.

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